Create Together (TM): A full service video collaboration platform


We are in the beginning of a new era for video content creators. The web has given aspiring creatives the ability to reach new heights with their work. Cinpost is the centerpiece for this new era.

Think of it as a powerful post that single-handedly holds up all your creative work on the web, while simultaneously giving you a community to work in and develop your video content. Whether it's a web series, a short film, or a feature, you can find your cast and crew, get into production using our project management platform, and keep your developing fan base engaged during the whole process, even after completion.

Once you've developed an idea and want to jump-start the creation process, simply post your project and start crew-sourcing. You can find reliable cast and crew with portfolios to look through and find the best fit for your work. No more time wasted scouring the web for talent. And you can have your own portfolio set-up to entice potential collaborators to become a part of your project and your vision.

Keep your projects organized and streamlined with our project management tools. Collaborate easily by keeping your whole production team up to date and involved in the creation process. No more time wasted on confusing texts and lost e-mails. Everything happens in one place and in the cloud, where everything is safe, sound, and always accessible.

During the whole creation process, from pre to post-production, you can keep your developing audience engaged in what's happening with your project. Your public project page will act as a "buzz" generator. Spread the link and let the world know what wonderful work you've got brewing behind the curtains.

Cinpost is a creatocracy - where the creatives will always rule. It's time for the creatives to enjoy this new era without wasting time on the menial parts of the creation process and instead focus all their efforts on their works of art.

Empowering creatives one project at a time.